A delayed logging and thinning operation at the Bitterroot National Forest's Larry and Bass Creek recreation areas will start.

Forest Supervisor Julie King said the Pyramid Mountain Lumber Company of Seeley Lake will get the timber stewardship contract at the site west of Stevensville. the project covers about 1,200 acres with high levels of Mountain Pine Beetle damage.

In a news release, King said the project contains:

  • 765 acres of commercial timber logging
  • 41 acres of non-commercial thinning
  • Removing conifers from a 58-acre area of aspen trees
  • She said the project will produce about 4 million board feet of timber, which would fill up about 1,100 truckloads.

    The project was delay last fall because of an appeal that accused the Forest Service of not adequately analyzing the projects impact on biodiversity and water quality.

    Deputy Regional Forester Jane Cottrell ruled that agency had followed all laws, regulations and policies.