University of Montana officials, along with College of Technology students and instructors held an informational open house Wednesday evening at the UM Golf Course clubhouse to share the official vision of the planned Missoula College at the golf course site.Protesters surrounded the entrance to the clubhouse carrying home-made signs stating in no uncertain terms that they want nothing to do with the University's vision.

They want the Missoula College to be placed almost anywhere other than the UM Golf Course.

UM President Royce Engstrom says he, along with many other officials, will personally lobby state legislators to provide the funds to begin building the new Missoula College at the golf course site. Conversely, opponents such as Lewie Schneller, vowed to send their own representatives to the legislature intent on stopping the project, and keeping the golf course.

Interviews from the event are below..

UM Associate VP for Administration and Finance Rosie Keller

UM President Royce Engstrom

Geritol League Golfer Lewie Schneller