Apollo 17 was the last manned mission to the Moon. On that 1972 mission was the only professional geologist to visit the moon, Harrison Schmitt. And they brought back lots of rocks.

One of those rocks has been on display since the beginning of the month in Missoula. The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library at the University of Montana has a fragment of the Goodwill Moon Rock. That particular rock was broken into over 185 pieces and presented to states and countries.

The rock itself is from the Taurus-Littrow Valley, an interesting area that was sampled heavily by Schmitt and Gene Cernan. The fragment is covered in Lucite on a plaque that includes the Montana state flag.

There are a few lectures left in the series celebrating the mission's 40th anniversary. Friday, November 16, Loren Acton, former astronaut and current professor of physics at MSU, will speak about "Working on the Moon."

Friday, December 7th, the lecture will be by instructor Rosalyn LaPier. It is titled, "Ko'komiki'somm: The Moon in Blackfeet Mythology."

Friday, December 14th, Rob Browning, assistant professor in the English Department, will take a literary view of the moon with "Possessing the Moon: Recent Views in Science Fiction on the Future of Lunar Exploration."

The last day of the lunar rock display in the libary lobby is December 14.