Ed Kleinsasser, a University of Montana junior in physics, tied with a Montana State University student for Best Undergraduate Talk from a Research Institution at an April 19 symposium in Bozeman.

Kleinsasser, from Valier, MT, talked about his project "Ripple Mark Mapping - Camas Prairie Project." The project dealt with ripple marks left by the draining of Glacial Lake Missoula. He worked with the UM-BOREALIS program, a high-altitude balloon program at the university in Missoula.

Chris Sundberg of Columbus , MT, won the Best Graduate Student Talk for his work on muscle fatigue and other effects of all-out dynamic exercise. Sundberg received a Montana Space Grant consortium Fellowship in 2012-13 for his biomechanics work.

Sundberg and Kleinsasser were among a dozen UM students at the MSGC Student Research Symposium., which is an annual event.

Each award was worth $350, sponsored by eComponents Technology and Montana Aviation Research Company.