I'm looking at favorite scenes from spooky movies this week. And I've chosen a "sleeper" hit, and not just because most of the action happens when the main characters are asleep. It's "Paranormal Activity" - the first one. The third movie in the series is just coming out.
I didn't see it in the theater, but caught it on TV and it was still pretty effective in the "goosebump-raising" arena. The plot is stretched thin at times, but the general idea of setting up a video camera to record paranormal events has won huge acceptance on a variety of reality shows.
In the midst of this movie, the main female character becomes possessed. And the "gotcha" moment is one of my favorite "slow motion realizations" that something's not right.
She gets up in the middle of the night and looks over at her sleeping partner...and stands there. After a while, you notice the time counter in corner of the video and that the film-makers have gone into time-lapse....minutes become hours....and she's still standing motionless. Creepy.