I'm not doing a big countdown from "almost scary" movie up to the scariest movie on my blog....nope!
Yesterday, I presented my favorite "haunted house" movie with the 60s era "The Haunting."
Today, here's my choice for all-time Scariest Movie -- "Alien."
From the opening credits and creepy music to the end "gotcha" scenes, it's about as perfect as I've experienced.
I saw it in a movie theater in Missoula, Montana, when it was first released, so the experience was fresh and nearly non-hyped . . . and on the Big Screen. I left the theater exhausted, knowing that any other monster movie had just been left in the dust by Ripley and friends (may they rest in peace).
For those of you who haven't seen it, a warning - there is a bit of gore - but the main ingredients are suspense and an increasing level of fear. ("....Jonesy...here, Jonesy...) A great movie.
Oh, a word about the great sequel "Aliens" -- equally well-done, but it's an adventure-thriller versus the close-quarters crafting of "Alien."
Tomorrow, I'll go a completely different direction and suggest the Funniest Horror Movie.