If you haven't gotten the "Uncle Leo" habit, you need to tune in News Talk 1240 KLYQ Saturdays and Sundays at noon for Leo LaPorte, The Tech Guy.
I discovered Leo on a Spokane PBS station years ago, and then he was a mainstay on Tech TV with "Call for Help" and "The Screensavers." Leo has kept up with all the technology advances and is respected by the guys who are keeping us jumping from Iphone to Ipad, from flip-phones to Droids, from flat screen to LED and 3-D TV. And he simplifies things for easy understanding. When The Premiere Radio Network picked him up for national syndication, KLYQ was one of the first stations to grab the show.
We carry it live, so you can call him and get your questions answered about everything from computers to cell phones to Facebook.
Get in the habit, and check out his website, Leoville, to find out what the internet has enabled him to do.
Leo Laporte, the Tech Guy, on KLYQ, Hamilton MT, from 12 noon to 3pm Saturday and Sunday. Rock on, Leo!