In 1997, with a plan from physicist Sidney Liebes of Hewlett-Packard labs, artists and writers created the 95-panel display "A Walk Through Time: From Stardust to Us."

It celebrated Earth Day that year. Three such displays were built. One of them is here in the Bitterroot until May 22.

Jill Davies of Sustainable Living Systems gathered donations to bring the display here and set up a half-mile loop route on a flat grassy field next to the Council on Aging headquarters on Old Corvallis Road on the northeast edge of Hamilton.

It's free and there for you to discover. Park your car or bike and take a stroll through time, from early astronomical events to the present day. It shows the explosion of life on planet Earth.

There's an app that you can take you through 4.6 billion years as you walk, too.
check out: Walk Through

After May 22, the display will move to the University of Montana for a week, starting May 30.

Take your time and discover the distant past. By the way, you can go either way - start the beginning and come to the present, or start at the last panel and go into the distant past.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll see on the walk.