A number of University of Montana students received an email claiming they'd been chosen as mystery shoppers. The offer to perform mystery shopping assignments required a payment. UM and the Better Business Bureau warn students to be wary of such offers.

The scam asked students to receive a FedEx package with a check for $1,800, deposit the check into their personal bank account and then "mystery shop" the post office by purchasing money orders with funds from the fake check they received. The scammers would have asked for the money orders from the student before the fake check bounced, leaving the student liable for the bad check. One UM student who was targeted asked the company questions about the legitimacy. When she informed them she would not participate they threatened to turn her into the police. Obviouslly, students are not breaking any laws by asking a potential employer questions about their company and the job.

UM students, if you have been targeted by a work-at-home scam, report it to the local police at the UM Office of Public Safety, 406-243-6131. You can also notify the Better Business Bureau by calling 509-455-4200.

This probably is a sign that I should not contact Mr. Wang who sent me an email the other day informing me that as soon as I contact him he can deposit $21,400,000.00 into my personal account. DB