The avalanche danger has lessened on the Idaho side of Lolo Pass.

An area east of Kooskia, between Powell Ranger Station and Lowell, had developed a severe avalanche danger this week. Idaho Department of Transportation officials knew that avalanches there had closed the road twice since 2008. So, to protect drivers, the road was closed Wednesday afternoon.

A barricade was set up at the top of Lolo Pass and word went out that it was too dangerous to use the highway.

However, conditions improved, and 24 hours later, the road was officially reopened by the department, with a winter warning of "difficult" travel on the Idaho side of the pass.

If you notice in the Lolo Pass camera photo from Thursday afternoon, the barricades are still alongside the road, in case they may be needed again.

It's a good idea to always check the road reports before you travel over any of the mountain passes in the Northwest.