The Victor Garden Club has owned the Victor Town Park since about 1946. And, when the papers are drawn up, Ravalli County will become the owner.

The Ravalli County Commissioners voted to acquire the park property from the garden club at a meeting Wednesday. The park, valued at $144,000, will become part of the Victor Park District for the price of a few filing fees and reports.

Roger DeHaan of the Victor Park Board said the district has about $16,000 in property assessments each year to maintain the park, along with the baseball fields south of town.

The Victor Garden Club, he said, would rather work on smaller projects instead of maintaining the public park, which is a half block south of Victor's Main Street. County Commissioner J.R. Iman said the deal was "a gift" to the county and the other commissioners agreed, voting in favor of drawing up the needed transfer papers. They will run the final agreement past the County Attorney before signing.