The University of Montana noted recently that Missoula is ranked second in the nation for producing per capita US Peace Corps volunteers. Um has produced 780 Peace Corps volunteers since 1961.

As a state, Montana came in 7th in the nation in per capita volunteers. Right now, there are 48 Montana Peace Corps volunteers serving, with 32 of them UM alums.

Speaking of UM alums, Hamilton's husband-and-wife Peace Corps team, Russ Lawrence and Jean Matthews, were accepted to the Peace Corps and in 2011 completed a two-year stay in Peru.

The UM Campus is the first public university in the US to offer a Peace Corps Preparatory program, with the partnership of the Peace Corps. A student must sign up for the international development studies minor in the College of Arts and Sciences.

When they complete the course, students receive a certificate, which Daphne Felker of the Um Office of Career Services says gives "UM students a distinct advantage in the highly competitive application process."