The "Bear Moon" is the topic of the Saturday, June 22, Moon Walk from the Bitterroot National Forest.

The first Moon Walk of the season will be at Blodgett Campground, starting at 7 p.m., and will include information about the differences between black bears and grizzly bears, how to safely store food in bear country, how to use bear spray and more.

The family-oriented events are based on the book "Walk When the Moon is Full" and are scheduled on the Saturdays closest to the full moon. Bring a jacket, flashlight and a lawn chair. It's free!

By the way, the moon will be full this weekend - in fact, about 25 percent brighter than usual. The "super moon" will be best viewed Saturday night and Sunday night. The moon does not orbit the Earth in a perfect circle, and it's closest to our planet ("perigee") this weekend. The brightness is because it's only 221,824 miles away. That's about 30,000 miles closer than its farthest distance. The next time that happens during a full moon will be 2015.