This is election day for the City of Hamilton's bond issue. The ballots were mailed out to qualified city voters earlier this month.

The 15-year bond is for $1.35 million dollars to buy the old National Guard Armory and its six acres (Claudia Driscoll Park) at Main and North 10th.

At this point, do NOT mail the ballot back. It won't be delivered in time. Only the ballots that are returned by 8 p.m. tonight, March 21, will be counted.

So, if you still have a ballot, vote "yes" or "no", put the ballot in the green envelope, seal it, put that in the brown envelope, sign that envelope (if you don't, the ballot won't be counted), seal it and take it to the Ravalli County Administration building on the 200 block of South 4th Street in Hamilton. In the hallway at the Clerk and Recorders Office, you'll see the ballot box. (see photo) Drop it in.

The county election team will count the ballots tonight and KLYQ will have the results as soon as they are available. We'll report on the radio at 1240 AM and online at and our Facebook page, 1240klyq.