I created this series to show off some amazing photos and videos from around the world and from out in space.

I did a few of these back in 2012 and we begin 2013 with an image from New Zealand. A video using an extreme telephoto lens with some accompanying music creates a memorable scene.

Mark Gee, an astrophotographer shot this video over a mile away from the silhouetted people you'll see. It is shown in "real time" near Wellington, N.Z. The people are at the Mount Victoria Lookout.

By the way, I saw this at NASA's APOD site (Astronomy Photo Of the Day). They always provide some science information with the images. In this instance, the Moon rises about 50 minutes later each day. A full moon always rises at sunset.

Best view - Push the little "expando" button on the bottom right corner of the image to make it full-screen.

Sit back and relax.