The Washington Elementary School will have a full-scale emergency drill Friday, April 26, starting about 1 p.m.

In a Hamilton School District 3 news release, officials said the drill will test the response of Hamilton area police, fire department, Marcus Daly Hospital, Montana Highway Patrol, Disaster Emergency Services and other organizations that respond to emergencies.

The public is being asked to drive carefully in the area, or to simply avoid the area around the 200 block of North 5th to the 200 block of South 5th, where the Hamilton Middle School is located. That includes the intersections of 5th and Main and 5th and State Street - two high traffic areas.

The plans call for an evacuation of the primary school building and moving the kindergarten and first grade classes to another "safe" location. There will be lights and sirens and some blocked roadways during the exercise.

This is one of a continuing series of drills in the Hamilton School District. Other such drills have been conducted at Hamilton High School and Daly Elementary School.