As of 5pm Wednesday, June 1, the Bitterroot River gauge at Darby was at 4.79 feet, with a flood stage of 7.5 feet.
At Bell Crossing near Victor, about the same time, the river level was 8.48, with a flood stage there at 11 feet.
Now, with the predicted warm weather this weekend, the Weather Service has warned the residents that flood stage could be reached by Thursday, June 9.
The forecast high temperatures in the Bitterroot Valley should reach into the 70s for a few days, starting Saturday. An upward edge into the 80s would not be surprising, according to the forecasters.
We still have a lot of snow to come out of the high country, and a couple of weeks left in a "normal" high water season. We'll be watching at and on the air at 1240 on the AM dial in Hamilton.