Corvallis tennis teams dominated last weekend in the Southwestern A Divisional Tournament in Hamilton and Corvallis.

Corvallis won both divisonal team titles and all four Singles and Doubles championships.

Team Scores:
Boys - Corvallis 50, Butte Central 49, Hamilton 23, Stevensville 23, Dillon 5
Girls - Corvallis 56, Dillon 37, Hamilton 26, Stevensville 3, Butte Central 2

Boys Singles - 1st Place - Alma Powell of Corvallis defeated Reese Isherwood of Hamilton
Consolation 3rd Place - Northey Tretheway of Butte Central over Kale Guldseth of Butte Central

Boys Doubles - 1st place - Bridger Walczynski and DJ Pekoc of Corvallis over Jim and Frank Joyce of Butte Central
Consolation 3rd Place - Jerry and Shade Jessop of Corvallis over Joseph Fecteau and Curtis Liston of Stevensville

Girls Singles - 1st place - Laramie McHugh of Corvallis over Hannah Peterson of Hamilton
Consolation 3rd Place - Elizabeth Hennessy of Corvallis over Erica Huppert of Hamilton

Girls Doubles - 1st place - Sydnee Madruga and Megan Lengyel of Corvallis over Kansas Suenram and Whitney Southam of Dillon
Consolation 3rd place - Holly Hansen and Taryn Judge of Dillon over Emma Decker and Annie Sangster of Corvallis

State Class A High School Tennis matches will be in Polson and Ronan Wednesday through Friday, May 22-May 24. Why so early? It's the Memorial Day weekend!