Thursday morning, KLYQ will be offering what we think is the Big News Story of 2012 in the Bitterroot Valley.

We're not looking at the big story in Western Montana or Montana or the nation or the world, but right here in our home valley.

It's a very unscientific method we've used. And, it's a different method than what we've used previously. Often, in years past, it could be only story on one day that affects the lives of everyone in the area. This year was different. Without giving it away, we will tell you that it was the effect of a number of causes, not the other way around.

What do you think the big story of the year was? It may be different than we've come up with. Let us know. We'll compare notes.

We'll give you our opinion Thursday, right here online and on the air during the 7:30am Bitterroot Morning show with Steve and Mary.