I'm feeling old today.

I watched all of the Grammy Awards Show on CBS Sunday night and found myself enjoying almost all the music and was not really bothered by the lack of awards given out (most were presented ahead of the broadcast).

But it occurred to me - and not for the first year - that producing a Grammy program has got to be a tightrope-walk. Add in the dynamic changes in music and the huge technological changes over the years, and some of the categories are on the edge of irrelevance. Here's the title that caught my ear - Record of the Year.

When was the last time you bought a record? Sure, maybe a you picked up a CD or a DVD or, more likely, you downloaded a song from the internet...but a record? That's a flat, round plastic disc that you put on a turntable and let the tonearm's needle travel through the groove, bringing you the sound through an amplifier and speakers. And, don't bump it, 'cause it'll skip! And I'm not even talking about the scratches.

So, I predict the Grammy folks will have to change that category to "Recording of the Year." I mean, vinyl is "cool" and I've got plenty of it in my music collection, but "Download of the Year" doesn't quite have the same punch.

Other observations -
I thought the tributes to Whitney Houston were very appropriate and necessary. What a loss.

I was struck with the advanced age of the some of the featured performers. Usually, you'll get one classic artist or group to perform at an awards ceremony. But Sunday, we had members from the Beatles, the Eagles, the Beach Boys, Tony Bennett, Bonnie Raitt and even Glen Campbell all on stage at various times during the night.

To put it in perspective, though, I didn't realize how many artists we got to see...of all ages!
The list includes:
Adele (congratulations, lady!), Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Civil Wars, the Band Perry, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, Diana Krall and, to cover all bases, Nicki Minaj (performing the required Gaga-like extravaganza) and Dead Mau5 from the dance clubs. It's gotta be hot in that huge head.

To answer the question "Do oil and water mix?" Yes, Sunday, they did. It was a true "melting pot of music" with a classy ending led by Sir Paul and guys. (By the way, I know that Joe Walsh has been performing with Ringo lately...and then, here he was Sunday playing on stage and even sitting with Paul in the audience .... hmmmm .... I'm just sayin' .... maybe a Beatles/Eagles/James Gang thing? Do it before we get too old!