Donna Huseby won "Best of Show" and Greg O. Dowling took the "People's Choice" honors in the Ravalli County Museum Ernst Peterson "Photograph Montana" contest. The awards were made last week at a Thursday evening ceremony in Hamilton.

The contest is held yearly and is open in both amateur and professional photographers.

Museum Director Tamar Stanley made the presentations and said a judging team selected the top three photos in each category and the general public who viewed the display voted on the "Peoples Choice."

Amateur winners included Donna Huseby with Best of Show "Life Changing" first place in People, Noelle Smith with "The Space Between" in the Beyond Montana category, Douglas Harkin with "Icicle Hanging by a Thread" in Black & White, Bobbi Dye with "Peony" in floral, Greg Dowling's Peoples Choice "Hamilton Heights" in domestic animals and Mike Daniels - first place in three categories - humorous, wild animals and color scenic. Steve Slocumb won the Professional category with "Fairy Girl in Fungal Forest."

You can see all the photos until April 14, along with rarely seen Ernst Peterson historic cultural photos from China, Burma and India during World War II in the 1940s.