Montana hunting numbers for last week (week of Nov 7th) showed less hunters, and less success from the check stations as last year, which means lower elk, deer and wolf numbers.
The Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks new release noted that the Darby check station, which tallies hunting numbers from the Bitterroot Valley and the Big Hole, has been slow.
The elk harvest has mainly come from the Big Hole and is 25 percent behind the five-year average. Western Montana deer harvest is down for both mule deer and white-tailed deer.
The wolf hunt shows that 73 wolves have been taken statewide, with a quota of 220. Only three wolves have been killed in the West Fork of the Bitterroot. The quota in that district (District 250) alone is 18. Talk has begun about extending the wolf hunting season beyond the end of November.
Hunters are reminded to stop at the check stations, whether you were successful or not. Wolf kills must reported within 12 hours of the shot.