Last Saturday, December 15, was the opening day for Montana's wolf trapping season. The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks reports that about 2,400 people completed the required wolf trapping certification class.

The department reminded the public that some areas north of Yellowstone National Park have been closed to trappers, due to the large number of collared wolves shot by hunters, which could potentially reduce the effectiveness of wolf study numbers.

FWP estimates 653 wolves in the state, with 92 wolves killed so far this season, which lasts until the end of February 2013.

The Department reminded trappers that wolf traps must be set back at 150 feet from roads or trails and 1,000 feet from trailheads and public campgrounds. And traps must be checked at least once every 48 hours. Only foothold traps are allowed. If a wolf is successfully taken, there must be a report made to FWP within 24 hours at 1-877-397-9453.

Completely "trap free" areas are in the Pattee Canyon Recreation Area, the Blue Mountain Recreation Area - including Maclay Flats, the Rattlesnake Recreation Area and in the Bitterroot Valley, the Bass Creek Recreation Areas. All FWP Fishing Access Sites are closed to trapping.