Detours will be up soon as construction begins on the Orange Street underpass.

"We're tying to get information out to the public to try to avoid using the Orange Street underpass starting this Sunday night, August 21," said Missoula Street Maintenance Division Superintendent Brian Hensel. "We'd like everyone to try to avoid that underpass if they can. The hours will be between approximately 10 p.m. to 6 a.m."

Crews will be trying to accomplish all the work at night, so that the roadway is open during peak driving times. All in all, the work should only last a few days.

"We're going under there to do a bunch of maintenance on the asphalt; mill and overlay, if you are traveling at those alternative hours, if you could use a different exit, Van Buren or Scott or whatever. If things go well, I might be done on Tuesday night or Wednesday, otherwise it will be done for sure Thursday. If you don't see the signs, we're done."

Hensel says reader boards will be placed up on the interstate and on Orange Street to remind drivers of the detour.