The classic christmas tunes - along with some of the best new songs - are being provided 24 hours a day right here on

Just look for the red Christmas ball (see photo) on the right side of the page titled "Christmas Radio" and click on it. A player will pop up and you'll be transported the Christmas side of things. Minimize it and go back to your other computer duties with holiday tunes alongside. Oh, and did I's commercial free. You don't even have to sign up.

However....we've been telling you there are some great items you can bid on in our KLYQ VIP Club. You just use points that you gather by playing trivia games...or by listening to the Christmas Radio! Pretty cool. Of course, you can listen without signing up, too. But, it's easy to sign up, especially if you're a Facebook member, then it's a "one click" sign-in.

Whatever you do, enjoy the music and Merry Christmas from KLYQ Radio!