Friday, crickets and mealworms are on the menu at the annual Bug Buffet at Montana State University.

For the 24th year, such things as mealworm quesadillas and Chinese stir fry featuring crickets will be served up at the meal in MSU's Plant Growth Center on 11th Ave in Bozeman from Noon until 4pm.

The cooking begins at noon and the serving begins at 12:30, according to MSU entomologist Florence Dunkel.

Other dishes may include a green salad with roasted grasshoppers as a topping, and dream bars with roasted crickets. Fritters are planned with wax moth larvae and there's always a nice dessert of brownies containing mealworms.

Also, there will be various types of honey to sample. Honey is made by insects, said Dunkel, but the West is more open to eating honey than insects. We have linked to a more "descriptive" article at MSU.

Oh, by the way, the meal is charge....just enjoy! You go first.