A vehicle chase along Montana Highway 200 involving the Cascade County Sheriff's Office, the Cascade County Sheriff's Office, the Montana Highway Patrol and the Missoula Police Department ended with a crash in Missoula on the morning of January 15.

The chase began at 7:45 a.m. Tuesday morning (Jan. 15) in the Great Falls area when the driver of the vehicle cut off Cascade County Sheriff, Bob Edwards. Edwards says he was driven into oncoming traffic and nearly crashed when the suspect passed him at high speeds.

Edwards turned on his lights and Cascade County deputies chased the suspect to the county line before calling off the chase because of a series of small blizzards. Edwards says the suspect was driving at speeds around 100 miles per hour.

Sheriff Bob Edwards:


The Montana Highway Patrol took over after that, but the chase didn't come to an end until the suspect made it to Missoula

"At some point information was received that the vehicle was seen getting off the interstate around the area of Orange Street," explains Missoula Police detective-sergeant Travis Welsh. "Officers in an unmarked car were able to locate him and attempted to issue a traffic stop at that point he sped away westbound onto Wyoming street."

Travis Welsh:

The chase ended at the intersection of Wyoming Street and Curtis Street after the man being pursued failed to navigate a turn and slid into a Subaru parked near the intersection.

No one was injured in the crash. Welsh says that the watch commander on duty reports "fairly minor" damage to the two vehicles.

Edwards says he will charge the suspect with felony criminal endangerment and that the Great Falls Police Department will likely charge the suspect with felony theft for stealing the vehicle.

There will most likely not make it to arraignment today. More information will likely be available after an arraignment in Missoula on January, 16.