Ravalli County Public Health reported 8 new positive cases of COVID-19 as of Tuesday afternoon. Karyn Johnston said three of the infections were people who were in 14-day quarantines from contact with a previous positive case. Four other cases were travel-related. One positive test was determined to be community spread, joining several other such cases where the initial infection is undetermined and is not travel-related.

Johnston said there are 20 COVID-19 cases the department is investigating in Darby, Corvallis, Hamilton and Stevensville. Of the 20, three people are currently hospitalized. All of the 20 are isolated and their contacts are quarantined - which includes over 148 people in the county. Those quarantined for 14 days are notified by Public Health that if they have not developed symptoms during those two weeks, they are released.

Johnston said that the public is encouraged to wear facemasks, try to maintain a 6-foot physical distance from others and wash your hands frequently. Karyn also reminded the public about those who are more vulnerable - those with weakened immune systems and the elderly. In a news release, she said, "With some people more susceptible to the virus and serious outcomes from it, we need to work together to help protect each other. Please, wear a mask, wash your hands and practice physical distancing."

Johnston said the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services daily state report for Ravalli County has different numbers than the local report because some of the cases have out-of-state addresses.

For answers to COVID-19 questions, call 406-375-6672.

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