The family is always involved in a youngster's 4H project. And when it comes to livestock, the year is a huge build-up to the annual 4-H FFA Livestock Auction, always held on Saturday morning at the Ravalli County Fair. This year, the expectations are high and the rewards are great lessons for the youngsters, many of whom are thinking about continuing the family farming and ranching lifestyle.

The auction morning starts with a free breakfast for those who are going to bid, just outside the Hornung Arena on the north end of the fairgrounds in Hamilton. At that same time, the kids are washing and grooming their animals, so that they are looking their best when they are paraded in the auction barn. Then the auctioneer gets the microphone warmed up and off we go.

The lineup changes each year. This year, first up will be Beef cattle, then Dairy, Sheep, Swine and Market Goat. That takes care of the large animals. The 4H-FFA Small Animal Auction is also in the Hornung Arena in the afternoon at 3 p.m.

It's all about the rural lifestyle and a special presentation about new and future agriculture and horticulture will be at the KLYQ Free Stage at 2 p.m. Saturday. Former County Extension Agent Rob Johnson and Fair Ag superintendents Pat Miller and Al Sperry have brought together the current MSU Extension Agent Kimberly Richardson, Zack Miller, the administrator and lead researcher of the Western Ag Research Center near Corvallis, and Laura Garber, co-owner of Homestead Organics up Skalkaho, who is also involved with the group Cultivating Connections. It's all about what makes this fair to important - agriculture in the Bitterroot Valley. These people care about it and you can learn some new things at the 2 p.m. event.

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