When you think about all the names of all the hurricanes in history, you obviously stumble across some with monikers that you’ve heard on TV. For every one named after a boring newscaster, there’s bound to be a name with a bit more excitement in its famous counterpart. Here are five of the most exciting examples of star power:


With his rippling abs and silky hair, the only thing Fabio affects is the temperature because he turns up the heat! We haven’t seen too much of him lately, though! We hate to say it, but we sure hope a storm didn’t leave him…all washed up. Fabio has actually been a hurricane on two occasions, while stalling as a tropical storm four times, including right now.

Enrique (Iglesias)

Mr. Iglesias would be a good person to keep around in a situation like a hurricane. He can be your hero, baby! Enrique has been a tropical storm three times in history, while morphing into a hurricane three other times, the last occurring in 1997.

Xina (‘Xena: Warrior Princess’)

They name these storms after the characters, right? If so, they totally spelled this one wrong. It’s a good thing warrior princesses usually don’t care all that much about spelling. They care more about important things like wars…and being in a royal family. Xina was a hurricane in 1985.

Tobias (Fünke, ‘Arrested Development’)

TV’s favorite doctor was part analyst and part therapist — no word on whether or not he was also part meteorologist. Keep your eye out for Tobias — he should be wreaking havoc in 2016, so be patient.

Don (Draper, ‘Mad Men’)

Calm, cool, collected — not exactly how one might describe a hurricane. Good thing Don Draper’s in a league of his own. When he walks through the storm, he emerges with his cigarette still lit, and not a hair out of place. Don last made weather pages when it formed as a tropical storm in 2011.