For the second time this winter we are lucky enough to have temperatures below zero. Thanks to this degree dive, we are all going to be able to enjoy a lot more time indoors than what we’re used to. This might be nice for a day or two, but after that it can make a person crazy. I’ve compiled a list of things to do to during this time to help us keep our sanity until the weather thaws.

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    Empty the DVR

    Most of us are guilty of stacking up episode upon episode of our favorite shows and then never having quite enough time to watch them all. Thanks to our recent negative degree weather, we can curl up under a fluffy blanket with a cup of cocoa and veg out for hours on end.

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    Bake some goodies

    If you’re like me and usually running from one after-school event to another every night of the week, then you have very little time to bake. Thanks to this abnormally cold weather some after school practices have been cancelled, leaving me time to catch up on a little cookie and banana bread baking. My husband and boys love it.

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    Have a pants off dance off

    No, we don’t actually take our pants off, it just rhythms, that’s why we call it that. This is best to do on the second or third day of being trapped in your house. The cabin fever is really beginning to set in by then and if you don’t get some sort of exercise then everyone is going to go crazy. This is a great way to get some of that pent up energy out and laugh a little too.

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    Build a ginormous blanket fort

    All kids love blanket forts. Parents don’t love them quite so much because they look at the mess they make and how much set up and clean up comes with them. However, when you’re stuck in a house for days on end, the only thing that might keep you and your kids sane is to make a mess.

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    Puzzle it

    Every time I visit my grandma she is putting a puzzle together. It seems like something only old people do, but think about it. Who better to know how to pass a bunch of time just sitting around a house then an expert at it like a grandmother who has been retired for half of her life?