In 1917, the Hamilton Ford dealer sold a popular car - a Ford Model T. It is back.

The car was purchased by Herbert Vial and, after driving it a few years, put it "out to pasture" (literally) in the back yard. Restoration started in earnest in 2001 by Herbert's son, David.

Though some more work needs to be done, the Model T was in good enough condition to bring it back to the Bell McCall dealership in time to mark 100 years from the month it was sold. Millions of Model T's were sold between 1908-1927.

Bell McCall owner Neil Miller said he was happy to have the car on display and that quite a few people have been in to admire the classic car, but display time is almost over. It will soon leave the showroom.

So, if you want see some automotive history, drop by Bell McCall on Main in Hamilton.