Ravalli County Clerk and Recorder Regina Plettenberg knew from past absentee ballot requests that the first-ever Primary mail-in election was going to have good participation. It broke the record for voter turn-out at 58 percent of the registered voters. Statewide, the turnout was 54 percent - another great result. How did the local races turn out?

On the Republican ballot, State Senate District 44 pitted two current legislators against each other and Theresa Manzella with 3,652 votes defeated Nancy Ballance who had 2,140. Michele Binkley moves on to the November election in House District 85. she had 1,353 votes, Hollis Poe had 952, Matthew Locati with 425 and Kyle Ellsworth with 397. House District 86 saw current legislator David Bedey defeat Kenneth Allen 1,828 to 595. House District 87 saw Ron Marshall with 1,480 outpoll Sashin Hume's 738 and Jolena Bugli's 442. In House District 88, Sharon Greef totalled 1,288 votes to Scott Roy McLean's 860 and Jim Crews' 620. County Commission District 2 saw Dan Huls move into the November vote with 8419 to Phil Tummarello's 2,494.

On the Democratic ballot, State Senate District 44, Margaret Gorski's 2102 outpolled Timothy Gibney's 242. Laura Jackson with 989 was unopposed in House District 85 and Laura Merrill with 948 was unopposed in House District 87. There were no Democratic candidates in the other house districts.

So, in November, In Ravalli County races, Democrat Margaret Gorski will meet Republican Theresa Manzella in Senate District 44. House District 85 will see Republican Michele Binkley against Democrat Laura Jackson. Republican David Bedey is unopposed in House District 86. Democrat Laura Merrill faces Republican Ron Marshall for House District 87 and Republican Sharon Greef is unopposed in House District 88. Republican Dan Huls is unopposed for County Commissioner.

And then, there's the Bitterroot Public Library Levy, which was on ballots in the mid-part of the valley. It passed by a 5,313 "Yes" vote to a 3,641 "No" vote. It doesn't need to go to the November ballot. By the winning vote yesterday, it will allow the Hamilton library to put on a new roof and help with operational and maintenance budgets.