Here in Hamilton, MT, we have some great night skies (when it's not cloudy).

We've kept a look out for an easy-to-follow guide to viewing the stars and planets that almost anyone can use. Here's a great candidate.

The Hubble Space Telescope website includes a section called "Amazing Space." In that section, you'll find a guide that explains constellations and alerts you to events that you can see each month, such as planets lining up with the Moon.

The presentation is very relaxed. In fact, I use it to "decompress" after a tough day. Try it out. Just follow our Amazing Space link. And, while you're on the site, jump deep into space with a visit to the Hubble photo gallery. That orbiting telescope is still providing great science.

At night in the Bitterroot Valley, look up once in a while. Take the time. It's easy.

By the way, KLYQ 1240 AM Radio and will keep you up-to-date on other space stories in the news. There's a lot going on.