Skip Horner lives in the Bitterroot Valley. But often, he is away from home. His job is listed as "adventure guide." He has taken clients to all the world's continents in the past decades and almost all of them have been trouble-free, but exciting. There are a few that were a little too adventurous when things did not go as planned. That's the topic of his talk Thursday, February 13, at a meeting of the Bitterroot Cross Country Ski Club at Hamilton's Bitterroot River Inn.

"Foot Fangs and Anopheles: Speed Bumps on the Road to Adventure" will bring the audience face-to-face with what were life-threatening incidents that Horner experienced and survived. The danger is real, but he tells the tales with humor and a sense of respect from a small human up against the immense power of the natural world. The presentation is free and the doors open at 6:30 p.m. At the gathering will be a number of non-profit organizations supporting the Bitterroot Valley and its environment. They include Bitterroot Audubon, Bitterroot Back Country Cyclists, Bitterroot Back Country Horsemen, Bitter Root Land Trust, Bitter Root Water Forum and others.