Falling in love is hard on the knees -- and civil unrest is hard on the tour schedule, as Aerosmith recently learned when they were forced to bow out of a show in Ukraine's capital city of Kiev.

ABC News Radio reports that the concert, originally scheduled to take place on July 2, has been taken off the calendar because of the country's ongoing internal military conflict. As the National Corporation of Entertainment put it in a statement, "It is impossible to produce this show in Ukraine while there is civil war. We can't ensure safety to the artists, crew and the audience. We can't ensure safety of the equipment. We're facing many economic and technical difficulties and in a state of civil war those difficulties are impossible to resolve. Therefore we just can't carry out the show on July 2, 2014 and are very sorry for that. We all did our best to present the show in Kiev but we have no option but to cancel. We hope that Aerosmith will be able to perform in Ukraine at some time in the future when there is peace and more stability in Ukraine."

This is the second time that outside events have derailed the current leg of Aerosmith's latest tour. Last month, a mining disaster in Turkey forced the cancellation of the band's May 14 concert in Soma -- which would have been their first appearance in that country.