The first part of the selection process has been announced in this year's Keep Montana Green poster art contest. The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation sponsored competition for state youngsters picks winners in regional areas of the state in the first judging. This area's judging is done at the Southwestern Land Office in Missoula. The top finishers are then advanced to the state contest, which has added even more prize money to the top artists.

This is the 60th annual poster contest and Keep Montana Green is celebrating its 75th anniversary, according to a news release from Kristin Mortenson.

The winners:
Primary - Kindergarten-3rd Grade:

  • 1 - Maggie Applegate, Helmville 3rd Grade
  • 2 - Sawyer Rebhan - Victor 3rd Grade
  • 3 - Liam Dunn - Victor 3rd Grade
  • Intermediate - 4th-6th Grade:

  • 1 - Liam Wheeler, Superior 6th Grade
  • 2 - Michael Goettle - Helmville 6th Grade
  • 3 - Rayane Heiland - Victor 6th Grade
  • Junior - 7th-9th Grade:

  • 1 - Isaac Loessberg, Helmville 8th Grade
  • 2 - Aubrey Matthew, Swan Valley 8th Grade
  • 3 - Abby Wheeler, Superior 8th Grade
  • Senior - 10th-12th Grade:

  • 1 - Hannah McLean, Florence-Carlton 12th Grade
  • 2 - Dylan Kidd, Florence-Carlton 11th Grade
  • 3 - Faith Stevens, Florence-Carlton 11th Grade
  • And a big thank you to the teachers of the winning artists - Jennifer Ogden of Victor, Ms. Daniels and Brooks Phillips of Helmville, Jessica Foust and Deborah Merrill of Superior, Colleen Harrington of Swan Valley, and Mr McBride of Florence-Carlton High.

    Kristin Mortenson noted that 14 entries were selected for Honorable Mentions. There were 340 art entries from the Southwestern region. For more information about the contest and other Keep Montana Green activities, check their website.

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