It was during the noon hour Mountain Time, that Asteroid 2012 DA14 approached and passed Earth Friday, February 15. Its path went in a general south to north direction.

It didn't hit any satellites and it didn't stay around very long. The video from Australia, where it was 2 a.m. shows a streak crossing the sky. The asteroid appears as a streak because the telescope was focused on the stars.

Preliminary estimates put the size of the rock at half the size of a football field. This is from the Gingin Observatory.

Radar telescopes have been bouncing pulses off the asteroid already and will have a pretty good image of its surface soon.

By the way, NASA scientists are very sure that the meteor that exploded above Russia on Valentine's Day was not related to this asteroid. Of course, investigation is continuing, as they say.

So, say goodbye to asteroid 2012 DA14. It won't be back in the area until probably 2046 (give or take a year or two).