If you listen regularly to KLYQ's overnight program "Coast to Coast AM," you know that an asteroid is going to zip by the Earth on February 15.

Some have predicted that the rock will hit the Earth, but the scientists at NASA, who track all the "Earth-crossing" asteroids out there in the Solar System, say the path takes the asteroid between the Earth and the Moon, but it will not hit us.

In fact, the DA14 will pass inside the orbit of our geo-stationary satellites, though it is not expected to hit any of those, either. It will pass about 17,000 miles away from our planet.

The size is not determined, but estimates put it about the size of a football field. As it passes, researchers will target it with all sorts of instruments and should have a good image of it...after it's gone.

Will we be able to see it? It will be moving fast and will be visible for only minutes. If we have a chance to see it here, KLYQ will let you know. Space.com is planning coverage on February 15, as are other websites.