Pumps in Billings no longer have the nations' cheapest gas as prices in Montana rise for yet another week.

"The average gasoline price increased ever so slightly across Montana," said GasBuddy Petroleum Analyst Patrick Dehaan.  rising about 8/10 of a penny to a level of about $3.34. Prices have been on the increase here, however prices remain relatively the same as where they were a month ago and lower than they were a year ago."

The city of Clearwater North Caroline usurped Billing's coveted position as the city with the nation's cheapest gas. Pumps in Clearwater were serving out gas at $2.99 on Sunday, while Billings had jumped to $3.21.

Prices in Montana vary greatly from the low price of $3.17 in Great Falls to the high of $3.88 cents in Plentywood. Dehaan expects prices to hold steady between $ 3.25 and $3.45 through May despite rising oil prices.

Patrick DeHaan