Many people have remarked on photographer Mike Daniels' nature photos. Some of us think that the birds pose for him. They seem to know that his picture will show off their best qualities. All we know is that we like what we see. For this month, another selection of some of the birds you can see here in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, courtesy of Mike Daniels. Check out his Facebook page, too.

American Redstart, fluffed up. (Mike Daniels)
Tree Swallow stretching. (Mike Daniels)
Gray Catbird. (Mike Daniels)
Great Horned Owl. (Mike Daniels)
Red-naped Sapsucker. (Mike Daniels)
Lewis's Woodpecker. (Mike Daniels)
The big eye of the killdeer. (Mike Daniels)
Common yellowthroat, using its throat. (Mike Daniels)
Lazuli Bunting. (Mike Daniels)