The songbirds are creating their version of an alarm clock on these spring mornings.

Throughout the day, you can easily see all types of birds in the Bitterroot as they start raising their families, getting food for the young'uns still in the nest.

Chickadee gathers "grub" at mealtime. (Mike Daniels, Townsquare Media)

And, swimming lessons are good, too.

Canada Geese at Metcalf. (Mike Daniels, Townsquare Media)

The larger birds are around, too. They don't make much noise, though.

Great Horned Owl in a field. (Mike Daniels, Townsquare Media)

Get out and take a look. Of course, we always recommend the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge, but that's only one place you see the feathered population. And every Thursday morning during the 7:30 Bitterroot Morning newscasts on 1240 KLYQ, you can hear the Metcalf Wildlife Journal with Bob Danley.

A Harrier. (Mike Daniels, Townsquare Media)