Ravalli County voters will decide whether the Bitterroot College can become more independent in the May primary election. Candy Lubansky told KLYQ that volunteers gathered over 5,000 signatures to get the issue on the ballot and the Ravalli County Elections Department has certified those signatures. The college has been operating under the University of Montana administration and it is attempting to become a Ravalli County-run school, with local administration, like some similar community colleges in Montana. There will be three ballot parts in May for the college - 1) whether it can become a more independent institution 2) a mill levy to support the school (estimated at $12 a year for a $100,000 home) and 3) selection of the college administration board with candidates listed.

Lubansky thanked the community for providing opportunities for the public to sign the petitions and thanked the elections department for their rapid work in certifying the signatures. There will be public meetings and information about the proposal leading up to the May 5th election.