Voters like the idea of a Bitterroot Community College, but they don't want to pay for it. After the final 300 votes were counted Tuesday evening, March 5, the Bitterroot College District passed by a vote of 6,280 to 4,450. But the levy to fund it failed by a vote of 5,200 in favor and 5,871 against. The issue will be discussed by the next Montana Legislature. There was about a 40 percent voter turnout countywide in the school elections.
Here are the unofficial final results, after counting the remaining 300 votes:

Bitterroot College District Yes 6280 No 4450
Bitterroot College Levy Yes 5200 No 5871

Bitterroot College Trustees (seven elected)
Gary Carlson 3856
Linda Doughty 3658
Robert Fifield 3357
Don Gardner 4067
Brittany Leatham-Olney 3183
Candy Lubansky 3540
Judith Mott 3141
Ran Pigman 4144
Marci Smith 3618
Sue Smith 3796
Janet Woodburn 4359

Bitterroot Aquatic Center Board (4-year term) (four elected)
Stephen Bergeron 1080
Ronald Frost 1546
Christ Porter 1711
Amy Reed 1750
Karen Savory 1896
Ryal Weber 1889
Marilyn Wildey 1951
Jeff Wolfe 2249

Corvallis School Board (three elected)
3-year term
Becky Anderson 1423
Shawn F. Boelman 1373
Dan Wolsky 1524

Unexpired term (one elected)
Tonia Bloom 931
Carol Peterson 894

Lone Rock
3-year term (two elected)
William Gary Leese 493
Matthew Schaefer 434
Brandon Williams 399

$100,000 Levy Yes 609 No 433

Stevensville (two elected)
3-year term
Sean Lenahan 851
Ben Meyer 1202
William Todd Wohlman 645

Florence-Carlton (two elected)
3-year term
Robert Cook 471
Lacy Janes 631
Bobbie Ketelhut 674
Ckye Thomas 225

Florence Rural Fire (one elected)
Robert D. Dewitt 439
Dan Martin 637