Bitterroot Valley drivers know that any time of the year, deer and elk can make an unexpected appearance on the roads. This spring, the Ravalli County Sheriff's Office has been sending quite a few advisories about elk herds on either Highway 93 or the East Side Highway. In fact, the most recent one, April 14, was at between Mile Posts 6 and 7 on the West Fork Road. There are the usual road crossing areas for elk - south of Lolo on US 93, south of Hamilton to Skalkaho Road on US 93 and Bell Crossing on the East Side Highway. Other crossings this year have been in the Charlos Heights area on US 93 and north of the Hamilton Airport on the East Side Highway. In other words, they're all over the place.

Of course, there's always the wandering deer. There is no favorite place for them to be crossing the road. But remember, if you see one deer on the road, there is always another one nearby - or maybe more. Drive carefully, and get that sheriff's office app on your cellphone - it's valuable for a lot of reasons, including traffic alerts.