With help from Mother Nature, the Bitterroot National Forest has lowered its fire danger level from "Very High" to "High." Tod McKay noted the rain amounts from Monday's storm front, which was a third of an inch at Lake Como and at the Darby Ranger Station. The Cinnabar Fire, just east of the valley, had two inches of snow on portions of the blaze. However, even with the rainfall, the forest remains dry and the fire season continues with no precipitation expected in the next few days, along with temperatures back into the 80s.

There have been 47 wildfires on the Bitterroot National Forest this year - 14 were human-caused. That again brings out the warning to the public to make sure your campfire is completely out before you leave your campsite. Added to that, fall firewood cutters should make sure your chansaw has a spark arrester. You should cut in the cool, early mornings and keep your vehicle on established roads, not grassy areas that a hot exhaust system could ignite. And always have a shovel and a fire extinguisher with you. And if you're out in the woods, don't smoke. Check the OutdoorSafe website.

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