The Willow Mountain Road has been getting rougher each year with potholes, deep ruts, rocks and washboard areas. So, Stevensville Ranger Nell Highfill has authorized reconstruction of Willow Mountain Road and Burnt Fork Lake Road. The work began Monday and is estimated to continue well into the summer months. The roads will be closed on the weekdays, which affects the access to travel to Willow Mountain Lookout and Burnt Fork Lake. Also, the Palisades Mountain National Recreation Trail #44 trailhead will be closed, but hikers can access that trail from the Willow Creek Trail #300. the Willow Creek Trailhead will not be closed.

Highfill said the crews will remove the existing road surface and build a new road bed with better drainage. She said that Gold Creek Road #969 is also on the work schedule. From now until about May 17th, there will be minor delays on the Gold Creek road as minor repairs are completed. If you need more information, call the Stevensville Ranger Station at 777-5461.