The Darby Fish Wildlife and Parks Check Station reported a much larger elk harvest than last year, but lower deer numbers.

The general hunting season ended Sunday, November 29, and there were 4,715 hunters through the check station, compared to 4,444 last year.

Officials report 241 elk taken this year, much higher than last year's 161 total, but below the 5-year average. There were 28 mule deer and 88 white-tailed deer through the Bitterroot station, both lower than the 2014 hunting season. Mule deer were down 20 percent and whitetail harvest down 22 percent.

For the region, which included Anaconda, Fish Creek and Bonner check stations, the numbers were higher for elk and mule deer, but white-tailed deer numbers were down.

There were 13,992 hunter trips, 354 elk, 576 white-tails, 141 mule deer and seven black bears, two moose, three bighorn sheep and six wolves.