Saturday, September 10, a row of emergency and law enforcement vehicles were sporting sticky notes in a day of recognition for First Responders in the valley and "Remember 9-11 Day" as a memorial to the 9-11 Twin Towers attack 15 years ago.

The gathering of emergency vehicles was organized by the Hamilton Emergency Assistance Response Team (HEART) Ministries, according to Ravalli County Sheriff's Chaplain Mark Hawes.

The team had sticky "Post It" notes on which people could write their thank you messages and stick them on the vehicle of their choice - which included police and highway patrol cars, medical response and fire department vehicles.

Hawes said it was a way to remember the 9-11 first responders and also recognize the many volunteers and first responders in the Bitterroot Valley, who most recently spent many hours at the Roaring Lion forest fire south of Hamilton.

Sticky notes were available for "thank You" notes from the public. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)