Yeah, the ants are working on their colonies (see photo above). Bob Danley of KLYQ's Bitterroot Outdoor Journal saw a large mound under a tree in the Fort Fizzle area of Lolo. However, as we know, the ants are everywere. Thatch builder ants can create mounds of up to 250,000 individuals. Besides what you see, the colony often extends a long way underground. Bob shared a video.

Up in the air and on the Western Montana waters you are seeing Cinnamon Teal ducks (see photo below), House Wrens, Yellow-headed Blackbirds, Ruby-crowned Kinglet and American Pipits. Butterflies include Compton Tortoiseshell, Green Comma, Hoary Comma and Mourning Cloak (Montana's State Butterfly). Then the wildflowers - Spring Draha, Pasqueflower, Larkspur, Nineleaf Biscuitroot and more. Grab a wildflower guide and find a few on your own. The Bitterroot Outdoor Journal is heard Wednesday mornings about 7:45 a.m. on the Bitterroot Morning half-hour news program at 1240 AM KLYQ, and on that free App on your cellphone.

Cinnamon Teal in flight. (Mike Daniels, Townsquare Media)